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Message From Mark A Frantz, CPA CFE

We keep a watchful eye out for your best interest when it comes to your financial future.  Follow me on Facebook and other social networks through the links below.  Communication is the best tool we have of being informed.

Important Events:

November 6, 2014:  Mark A Frantz, CPA takes an IRS webinar “Tax Information for H-2A Visa Agricultural Workers and Employers.  Note:  Despite not being a US citizen many times H-2A workers still have to file a US income tax return as a non-resident. If they don’t and they would owe taxes the IRS can go to the employer to force payment.  Moral: Call us and let us help so your in compliance whether your the employee or the employer.

November 2014:  Mark A Frantz, CPA passes the certification test and becomes a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor in the Desktop Accounting Software, the On-line Accounting Software and the Enterprise Solutions Accounting Software.  “We are committed to providing excellent accounting services no matter what your needs”.

November 2010:  Mark A Frantz,  passes peer review with no prolems.  This represents a standard of excellence in the profession.

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